Cleaner Hot Tub Water Simplified

Simple hot tub water care that provides clean crystal clear water is essential to having a great hot tub experience. Plus we are committed to making your spa ownership experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. The Hot Spring hot tub water care and filtration systems provide exclusive features that greatly helps our hot tub owners enjoy sparkling clean water, with as little effort as possible.

Spend more time relaxing with peace of mind knowing that your spa water is clean, fresh and ready for you to enjoy. Hot Spring offers three easy-to-use water care systems to choose from, and a complete line of customized water care products to meet all your ownership needs.

ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System

The ACE system keeps your spa water sparkling and silky soft, reducing the dry skin and irritated eyes associated with traditional water care. Spend less time maintaining your spa, and enjoy better quality water. Available only on Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas, the exclusive ACE Salt Water System uses a patented diamond electrode to automatically generate chlorine and other cleaners.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the optional ACE Salt Water System is creating the sanitizers you need to keep spa water sparkling — even if you haven’t given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers this automated, low-maintenance saltwater system that enhances the quality of your spa water. Click here for more information about our ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System.

EverFresh® Water Care System

Enjoying fresh, clean spa water should be an everyday experience as a spa owner. The EverFresh® Water Care System makes it easy to keep your water clean and clear, while reducing the need for chlorine. This easy-to-use system combines the cleaning power of the FreshWater® III high-output ozone system with FreshWaterAg+® continuous silver ion purifier, and MPS non-chlorine oxidizer for lasting protection against contaminants and minimal need for chlorine.

Benefits of the EverFresh System:

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs