Coolzone Chilled Hot Tub

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CoolZone Chilled Hot Tub

CoolZone Chilled Hot Tub

CoolZone Chilled Hot Tub

CoolZone Chilled Hot Tub

Summer Heat Is Already Coming On Strong  And COOL ZONE Technology Is The ONLY Way To Enjoy Your Hot Tub During Our Hot Months Ahead. Introducing CoolZone™ A Highly Efficient And Innovative Solution That Can Heat Or Cool The Water In Your Spa. With A Range Of Between 60 To 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. The CoolZone™ Option Is Professionally Installed And Easily Controlled Through Your Hot Tubs Control Panel.   While many hot tub users prefer to keep their spa water hot year round, some people want to cool down in their spa during summer. Now Caldera® Spas and HotSpring® Spas offer a great way to cool down and get more use from your hot tub during those months. With theCoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System, your Caldera or HotSpring Spas hot tub can both cool and warm spa water, something not possible with most hot tubs. It works much like an air conditioner, cooling spa water to as low as 60 degrees. When  you’re ready to warm the water again, the system works in conjunction with your heater to efficiently raise water temperature in just a few hours.

Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Cooling System

The CoolZone™ system is highly efficient and can improve the energy use of your hot tub during normal operation because it can reduce the amount of time the heater needs to run. Over time, it can reduce your operating costs and save you money.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Cold Water Immersion

A cold soak can help muscle recovery by reducing swelling caused during a strenuous workout. When you leave the water, muscles warm up, bringing oxygenated blood back in to help muscles recover. Later, the CoolZone™ system can raise the spa water temperature to provide the benefits of warm water immersion, bringing more oxygenated blood to tissues, and increasing flexibility.

Family Benefits Of A CoolZone™ Equipped Hot Tub

A hot tub can enhance communication within a family with more time together, free of distractions. By creating a cool getaway during a hot summer day, your Caldera or HotSpring Spa can become a great place for a family to gather, cool off, and relax.

“We absolutely love it! It allows us to use our spa all year long here in Arizona and allows us to change temperature often when the weather gets hotter or cooler.” — Hot Spring Owner

CoolZone™ is perfect for families that live in hot climates, or for those that just want to escape the heat of summer. It’s ideal for parents or grand parents who want a fun way to entertain younger children. Its also a great place for active adults and athletes who are looking for effective cold water therapy.

Desert Hot Tubs will offer you the opportunity to cool your new HotSpring® Spa or Caldera® Spa Hot Tub with our all new CoolZone® Hot Tub CHILLER technology. Enjoy the benefits of your new hot tub this summer with the added advantage of being able to cool the water down to as low as 60 degrees, all with the energy efficiency you would expect from a hot tub from HotSpring, the #1 Selling Hot Tubs Worldwide!!

Just visit one of our four convenient Phoenix area showrooms today and ask what this is all about, and be one of the first homes in the US to have this technology in your very own backyard.

Just say “I WANT TO COOL MY JETS” and we will show you how.


Read What Some Of Our Test Group Said About Our Hot Tub Chiller System:

General Comments:

“We absolutely love it, it allows us to use our spa all year long here in Arizona and lets us change temperature often when the weather gets hotter or cooler.”

“Really worth it. Money well spent”

” I like it a ton as it truly helps me use it more in the summer very hot months where I live.”

“My husband liked that the water was cool when he wanted to cool off after work. I liked that I could bump up the temperature very quickly and enjoy the spa as well.”

“Great performance, very energy efficient”

“Very versatile for all weather use.”

“Would hate my hot tub if I had no chiller/heater.”

CoolZone Product Performance

Q) Was there a noticeable change in the energy consumption of the spa?

A) “I did not see a significant change and I used the chiller pretty frequently”

A) “Not much of a noticeable change”

A) “We have seen a dramatic drop in the heating portion of the hot tub power bill”

Special Note: FYI, the chiller is a heat pump so it also provides the heat in the winter instead of using the hot tub’s heater…

Q) Does the time required to cool the water meet your expectations?

A) ” Very fast and exceeded my expectations”

A) ” It starts creating cold water very quickly!”