Hero’s Discount

Heros Discount

At Desert Hot Tubs we value the sacrifices many of our friends and neighbors have made and we want to honor our hero's everyday. If you currently serve in any branch of the military, veteran, law enforcement officer, firefighters or first responder, you can take advantage of our Hero's Discount and save even more on the purchase of a new hot tub or swim spa.

Just visit any of our four stores in the Phoenix metro area and let them know you are interested in the Hero's Discount at the time of your initial visit and we will be happy to give you an extra savings.

All active and retired qualify. ID and proof of military service, or employment is required at time of purchase.

Military and Veterans Hot Tub Discount

Desert Hot Tubs is excited to offer military and veteran discounts on a new purchase of a hot tub or swim spa. We are proud of all the men and women who have so bravely served and continue to serve our country, making countless sacrifices to ensure our continued freedoms and safety. We believe that all active and retired military personnel and their families deserve our utmost appreciation, which is why we are honored to offer our Hero's Discount program. If you currently serve, or previously served in the United States Army, Marine Corps., Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, we have a discount just for you!

Law Enforcement Hot Tub Discount

We are also excited to offer all law enforcement officers a discount on a hot tub or swim spa. These brave men and woman often risk their lives to keep citizens of the America safe and they deserve our gratitude. It doesn't matter if they are patrolling our neighborhoods, highways, borders, schools, airports, they deserve our praise. They choose a profession that is dangerous, and we commend them all. Their daily activity to protect us often results in stress, pain and injury and we want to be of service to them by offering our Hero's Discount. If you are currently, or retired, law enforcement officer at either a local, state or federal level, visit us today for your discount on a new spa.

Firefighter and First Responders Hot Tub Discount

Firefighters and EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) serve our community in a number of ways. Often first responders to tragedies and potential tragedies, these brave men and women save lives, day in and day out. Whether they are rescuing people from vehicles, mountain sides, fighting building or forest fires, they risk their lives and personal health on a daily basis. As a result, they are often injured while performing their duties. We want to thank them all for the dedication to the serving our communities by offering our Hero's Discount. If you are currently, or a retired, firefighter, first responder EMT or EMS, visit us today for your discount on a new spa.

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