Discover the Future of Spa Care with Freshwater IQ

    Picture this: a luxurious hot tub experience, the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation. Now, imagine that maintaining this blissful oasis becomes effortless, thanks to the revolutionary Freshwater IQ system by Hot Spring Spa and Caldera Spa. Freshwater IQ is the perfect harmony of the FreshWater Salt System and the new Smart Monitoring Sensor, … Read More

Hot Tubs And Your Immune System

Did you know that worry and anxiety can lower your immune system? As we begin to practice social distancing, washing our hands frequently, not touching our face and spending more time at home, is equally important that we find ways to boost our immune system. HOW CAN I BOOST MY IMMUNE SYSTEM? According to Harvard … Read More

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It’s also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and it prevents debris and objects that could … Read More

Sleep Better

Why do I sleep better after a soak in the hot tub? Many people struggle to wind down completely at the end of the day, in order to get a complete and restful night of sleep. In fact, in his groundbreaking book, Undoing Perpetual Stress, Dr. Richard O’Connor makes a solid case that the human … Read More

Tips for Your Next Hot Tub Date Night

It’s Friday night. You promised that special someone a romantic date night but you’ve just sat in an hour of traffic and your back hurts. Getting gussied up to go out is the last thing you want to do. So skip the dinner and movie and head back to your Hot Spring hot tub for … Read More

The Art of Hot Tub Relaxation

Take Your Relaxation to a Whole New Level. Taking time to relax and destress is an important element of maintaining a balanced life. Being immersed in warm water has been proven to help you relax both physically and mentally, and even helps your body turn down the “fight or flight” response we have to stress. … Read More

7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

Football season is upon us and our couches are anxiously awaiting our undivided attention as we gather round to cheer on our favorite team. This season, let’s do something different. Let’s throw caution to the wind and give our backsides a much needed change. Here are 7 ways a hot tub is better than a … Read More